Hearthstone Brand Fireplace Products

Hearthstone crafts eco-friendly wood and gas stoves and fireplaces known for quality craftsmanship, beautiful designs, and clean-burning technology. Committed to sustainability, they offer heating solutions that are both efficient and kind to the environment and strive for carbon neutrality.
Located in Morrisville, Vermont, their dedicated craftsmen build the highest-quality stoves using the best materials and the most advanced technology.

Featured Hearthstone Fireplace Products

Green Mountain 80 Hearthstone

Hearthstone Green Mountain 40 Wood Stove

The Hearthstone Green Mountain 40 wood-burning stove has a simple, clean design in traditional black cast iron. It is built for the wood stove purist and is designed to not only meet but exceed EPA clean-burning standards. 

You can count on the Green Mountain 40 to burn cleanly for years to come. The stove is lined with soapstone blocks, which will absorb the heat of the fire and continue to radiate that heat, giving you long-lasting comfort. 

Hearthstone Green Mountain 60 Wood-Burning Stove

The Hearthstone Green Mountain 60 is the larger brother of the GM40, with a maximum log length of 18 inches. The stove boasts an impressive 0.6 grams/hour emission rate and a 79 percent high heat value (HHV), exceeding the EPA’s minimum 2.0 grams/hour requirement

The GM60 has a wide-frame firebox view, so you can see and enjoy the fire. The firebox is lined with soapstone blocks to store heat from the fire, so gentle, radiant heat lasts longer than the fire does. With a heat life of up to 24 hours, that’s a long time!

Green Mountain 80 Hearthstone

Hearthstone Green Mountain 80 Wood-Burning Stove

One size larger in Hearthstone’s very popular Green Mountain line, the Green Mountain 80 can fit up to 23-inch logs in its soapstone-lined firebox.

With a 30-hour heat life and a 3.1 cubic foot stove, you can enjoy roaring fires while heating a substantial space.

The GM80 boasts the highest efficiency available on the market today with an 81 percent HHV.

A large viewing window lets you see as much of the fire as possible so you can relax and enjoy it.

Hearthstone Heritage Wood-Burning Stove

The Heritage wood-burning stove is Hearthstone’s cleanest-burning stove, emitting an impressively low 0.54 grams/hour of particulate matter.

Hearthstone’s Heritage stove can be loaded through a side door and has an optional ash pan, which makes cleaning the hearth quick and easy. The Heritage can hold logs up to 23 inches long and has a BTU of up to 60,000.

This fully cast iron wood stove is lined with 1¼-inch soapstone that absorbs heat and radiates it out for hours after the fire has died down.


Comfort by Design is a proud distributor of Hearthstone Fireplace products. If you are interested in installing a new fireplace or wood-burning stove in Hastings, Hudson, Ellsworth, and Osceola, request a free fireplace quote today!

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Other Products We Sell




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