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Montigo Fireplaces was founded in 1976 and has decades of quality manufacturing, collaboration with architects and designers, and a drive to innovate what it means to have a fireplace. They have a wide range of very innovative and customizable fireplace products to match your style.
Montigo’s influence on fireplace design is undeniable. Their fireplace engineering team consistently drives design trends and features, pioneering many innovations that are now considered standard in today’s market.

Featured Montigo Fireplace Products

Montigo Divine HLB34DF-2 Deluxe Gas Fireplace

A single-sided gas fireplace, the HLB34DF-2 has a classic square viewing portal and is very versatile in style and design. It can be furnished with rock or tile, which can be installed over the firebox frame for a finished, clean look.

The Divine Deluxe produces up to 18,000 BTUs, which is enough to heat even the largest of rooms. You can choose from different log sets, such as driftwood or speckled stones, or have the surrounds in satin black or stainless steel.

Montigo Prodigy PCCL8/PCCR8 Corner L/R Gas Fireplace

The Prodigy Corner gas fireplace is perfect for high-end luxury homes and has over 150 configurations to suit your space best. Backed with a ten-year limited warranty, the Prodigy has a built-in commercial-grade valve and control system to provide uncompromising quality and reliability.

The linear burner creates a relaxing, ribbon-like flame, and the bed of the firebox can be covered in the media of your choice, such as logs, stones, gems, or one of our other great options.

Montigo fireplace in a tan room

Montigo Phenom PL42DF Gas Fireplace

The Phenom PL42DF gas fireplace offers a large landscape viewing area. It can have porcelain panels, multi-speed fans, and even flame modulation. Rock or tile can be installed over the firebox for a clean, minimalist look.

The Phenom has a battery backup so that it can be used even during an electrical outage. A remote control allows you to start up the fire whenever you wish, as well as change flame size and fan speed.

Montigo C View C1020ST Gas Fireplace

The Montigo C View is an incredibly flexible commercial-grade fireplace with nearly unlimited firebox configurations, multiple burner styles, and a wide variety of options for intake and termination.

The C View sets the standard for high-quality commercial fireplace installations. With a bevy of burner media options, you can create a look that enhances the space’s style and ambiance.

Fireplaces create high temperatures, which can be dangerous to clients and employees if the glass is accidentally touched. Montigo’s patented COOL-Pack glass technologies were designed to keep glass temperatures as low as 115 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce and prevent burns.

montigo fireplace

More About Montigo Fireplace Products

Montigo operates facilities in Canada and the United States, and has an extensive distribution network to ensure fast and efficient product delivery throughout North America. Their products have multiple gas intake locations, so our installers can adapt the product to your home rather than adapting your home to the gas fireplace

Venting is an important aspect of fireplaces, and Montigo has designed their fireplaces to adapt to nearly any location, even if the vent has to run 500 feet. 

If you are interested in installing a Montigo fireplace in your home or commercial space in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, call Comfort By Design for a free fireplace consultation quote.

Other Products We Sell


Other Products We Sell




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