Founded in 1979 by Robert Little, Regency Fireplace Products has grown into a world leader in designing and manufacturing fireplaces and other hearth products. All of their products are made in North America in a 240,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with precision manufacturing equipment.
Regency Fireplace Products is focused on fantastic customer support and innovative, reliable, and high-quality products with one of the best warranties in the industry. Regency supplies over 2,000 fireplace retailers and has seven distribution centers across North America to ensure prompt shipping. Regency stands behind its products with a team of skilled technical and customer support professionals.

Regency Brand Fireplace Products

Regency Alterra

Regency Alterra CF780

The Alterra wood-burning CF780 fireplace creates a comfortable and warm ambiance. It can fit in any wall, including corners, and is an elegant and captivating focal point in the room. It can accommodate logs as large as 18 inches with a heavy gauge log retainer to keep logs from rolling. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t require any adjustments; just load it, light it, and leave it!

Regency C34 Gas Stove

The C34 Gas Stove is a beautiful stand-alone stove that mirrors the authentic styling of a wood stove but with all the convenience of gas. It can use natural gas or propane and has a backup battery system to keep the heat on in the event of a power outage. With a direct vent, the C34 can be installed anywhere in your home and provide warmth and comfort throughout the room.

Regency Greenfire Small Pellet Stove GF40

The Greenfire Small Pellet Stove GF40 has a minimalist and compact design that uses a multi-tube heat exchanger to heat your room evenly. The stove has a large ash pan and a slim hearth pad, which makes clean-up quick and easy. Even though the stove is compact, the extra large hopper means less pellet loading and more relaxing while you enjoy the warmth and ambiance.

Regency E135 Electric Fireplace

This minimalist single-sided fireplace creates an elegant centerpiece for a modern, built-in aesthetic. The E135 is 53 inches long and has a wide range of settings. It features Skope’s powerful Chromalight Immersive LED technology, an assortment of fuel effects, and an advanced remote that you can use to control the look of the fire from anywhere in the room.

More About Regency Fireplace Products

Regency Fireplace Products is one of our trusted suppliers, providing high-quality fireplaces made in North America. They are committed to great customer service, and we can get the parts we need to repair their fireplaces if something should go wrong. 

Regency is committed to meeting the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency and carefully designs all of its fireboxes to create airflow around the wood. The airflow allows it to burn completely and efficiently with less ash and next to no polluting smoke. 

Their fireplaces are designed with winter storms in mind. Being prepared for storms is essential, and their fireplaces are always made to help keep you warm, even without electricity. Their wood, pellet, and gas fireplaces will work even during power outages with proper ventilation and backup battery ignitions.

If you are interested in installing a Regency fireplace in Hudson, Osceola, Ellsworth, Wisconsin, and Hastings, Minnesota, call Comfort By Design. Our expert fireplace installation services will ensure the fireplace is installed correctly, with great ventilation, airflow, and heat generation. Request a free fireplace quote today!

Other Products We Sell


Other Products We Sell




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