If you’re unfamiliar with the industry, the words ‘Gas Insert’ can be confusing and daunting. We’re here to help clarify this term and help you out as a buyer to prevent any confusion in the future!

A Gas Insert is a metal box that is professionally installed into an existing fireplace. They are retrofitted wood-burning fireplaces and similar to all other gas appliances, it relies on gas that is emitted from the firebox to produce heat. They’re perfect for homeowners who’re switching from wood-burning fireplaces for a much more efficient and easier to manage heating product.

Gas Inserts are fueled by either natural gas or propane and burn a real flame that emulates the look of a traditional fireplace. A great thing about gas inserts is going without the struggles of chopping firewood, gathering kindling, starting a fire, or cleaning out residual ash that comes with a wood fireplace.

A Inserts are a middle option in terms of price but still provide you high-end heat and ambiance. They provide you less heat than a built-in gas fireplace but if you already have a preexisting fireplace that you’re looking to renovate or modernize then an Insert would be best for you.

As you can see in the picture above, an insert put into a wood fireplace operated slightly differently than an insert put into a gas fireplace. A Gas Insert installed into a previously existing gas fireplace will have a combustion air intake while a previously existing wood fireplace doesn’t.


Overall a Gas Insert is perfect for those who have a pre-existing fireplace and are looking to modernize it. A Gas Insert is a relatively cheap option to greatly improve a previously underused utility in your home. It fits inside an older wood or gas fireplace to improve efficiency and heat in any room. You can find some Gas Inserts here on our website. If you are still confused about any of this don’t be afraid to call us and get some clarification about what would be best for you at (800) 370-6545 or Request a Free Fireplace Quote here!

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  1. Yes we do! We would just need the Brand, Model, and Serial Number of your Fireplace to help you out!


  2. I find it fascinating that a gas insert gives your home a continuous power source for your heating unit. My uncle wants to keep his home comfortable during winter since he now lives near the mountains. I will discuss this idea with him so he’d consider investing in inserts someday.