Facing an electrical emergency can be stressful and leave you feeling unsafe. At Comfort by Design, we understand the urgency of getting your electrical system safely back online. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency electrical repair service scheduling in Hudson, Ellsworth, Osceola, Wisconsin, and Hastings, Minnesota.  

Day or night, we have a live representative ready to schedule your next-day electrical repair service.

Why Comfort by Design Is Your Go-To Emergency Electrical Repair Provider

Count on Comfort by Design for emergency electrical repairs. We offer:

Don’t risk your safety trying to fix electrical problems yourself! Contact Comfort By Design for emergency electrical repair services in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. We’re here to get your lights back on and keep your home safe.

Wisconsin Number: 715-294-4322

Minnesota Number: 651-437-0338

Electrical Emergency FAQs

What are some signs I need an emergency electrician?

Common signs include:

If you smell burning, a fishy smell, or a urine-like odor, this can indicate plastics and heat-resistant chemicals burning. These odors indicate a serious electrical problem. Sparking or crackling sounds are signs of a serious issue. Turn off the power from the electrical panel and immediately call to schedule electrical repairs. 

Can I try to fix the problem myself?

Electrical work can be dangerous for amateurs. Even seemingly minor issues can lead to injury or fire. It’s best to leave electrical repairs to a qualified professional. 

What information should I have ready when I call?

It is helpful to know the nature of the problem (e.g., lights out, breaker tripping, etc.) and when it started. While we do drive service trucks stocked with replacement parts, if we know what the problem is ahead of time, we can be certain to have replacement parts for your particular issue. 

If you know of recent electrical work done in your home, that information can also be helpful for the technician. 

Will you be able to give me an estimate before the repairs are done?

In most cases, our technicians can provide a fair estimate after diagnosing the problem on-site.

Don’t hesitate to call Comfort By Design if you have any further questions or experience an electrical emergency. We’re here for you with live 24/7 emergency electrical scheduling service.