Wood, Electric, Gas, and Pellet Fireplaces in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

After deciding to add a fireplace into your home, the next question to answer is, “what kind of fireplace do I want?” Your options are limitless in today’s world. No matter your size, style, or budget, Comfort by Design has a fireplace for your eastern Minnesota or western Wisconsin home.

Fireplaces By Category

Gas Fireplaces

Wood Fireplaces, Inserts, and Stoves  

A wood fireplace allows you to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a real burning fire. It brings a sense of magic and nostalgia to any room. You have the option of installing a brand new built-in fireplace, using an insert for an existing but non-functioning fireplace, or installing a brand new stove that offers you a reliable heat source. 

At Comfort by Design, we offer expert wood fireplace services that eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin residents can trust. 

Electric Fireplaces and Inserts 

With an electric fireplace, you’ll find beauty and simplicity. Electrical built-ins and inserts allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of a crackling fire without dealing with vents, screens, gas lines, or wood. These are easy to install and do not require the same maintenance or upkeep as other types while still offering all of the ambiance. 

Visit any of our showrooms where we offer a wide range of electric fireplaces and inserts for western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota residents to choose from.

Gas Fireplaces, Inserts, and More

If you’re looking for warmth and convenience, a gas fireplace or insert could be the right choice for you. These options allow you to experience the ambiance and comfort of a wood-burning fire without the mess. You have the option to choose from a built-in fireplace, an insert, a stove, or log sets. 

You can speak with a member of the Comfort by Design team to learn more about our gas fireplace services in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.  

Pellet Inserts and Stoves 

Using pellets takes a traditional fireplace or stove and makes it more efficient. Pellets (small pieces of compressed wood and sawdust) are automatically fed into a firebox and burned, allowing it to produce heat for longer periods of time. These are a clean burning option for homeowners.

Work with a Comfort by Design specialist to find the right pellet insert or stove for your eastern Minnesota or western Wisconsin home. 

At Comfort by Design, we offer high-quality fireplace services in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin and can help you determine the right type for your home. Contact us today at 715-294-4322 in Wisconsin or 651-437-0338 in Minnesota to learn more.

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Other Products We Sell




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